Workbook - Alphabet {A-Z}

A full colour workbook with lots of activities, specially designed for 3-5 year old children with a child-friendly theme with the intention to develop their school readiness skills in a fun a playful manner.

A letter book with every letter from A-Z (upper and lower case). Each letter can be taught separately and then becomes a big A-Z letter book.

Included in each letter/phonic book set is:

  • Cover page of the letter dealt with
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters to decorate
  • Uppercase and lowercase letter to thread
  • Uppercase and lowercase letter formation exercises on lines
  • Empty line paper to write letters and words
  • Letter and picture lace pattern eg. rainbow with uppercase and lowercase letter R and r on
  • Words that begin with the start letter
  • Find pictures that start with that letter worksheet
  • Picture and letter cards to identify which letter the picture starts with

Also included:

  • A page with pictures starting with letters A-Z - Play "I spy with my little eyes something beginning with ____."
  • A-Z uppercase letters on lines that can be practiced - A4
  • A-Z lowercase letters on lines that can be practiced - A4
  • Empty line paper

320 printable pages