Workbook - Shapes {8x}

A full colour workbook with lots of activities, specially designed for 3-5 year old children with a child-friendly theme with the intention to develop their school readiness skills in a fun a playful manner.

A shape book with 8 shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, heart, diamond, star). Each shape can be taught separately and then becomes a big shape book.

Included in each shape book set are:

  • Cover page of the number dealt with
  • Shape to write word, colour and draw
  • Pom-pom activity
  • Trace shapes
  • Lace pattern (shape)
  • Decorate a shape
  • Playdough mat
  • Puzzle

Also included:

  • Flashcards of all shapes
  • Shadow game
  • Memory game

81 printable pages