Learning Program & Flashcards Week 1-32

All the lessons, activities, ideas and words are supplied for each week of the program.

Our Learning Program for 1-3 Years + Activity Worksheets is in PDF format which you download from the internet and print for your own use.


Each week has a child-friendly theme. It consists of short lessons, activities and ideas.

Here is what is included in each week's program:

Preparation: For the week's theme. Themes are listed on our Store.
Bible teaching: A new subject every week.
Mathematics Lesson: Colours, Shapes, Concepts, Numbers.
Art Activity: Every day a new art activity.
Muscle Exercises and Music Lesson: Gross & Fine Motor skills and Music.
Language Activity: Discussions around the week's theme to promote vocabulary knowledge.
Colour Day: Wear a colour t-shirt on this day.
Fun Food Ideas: Something nice to make for lunch.
Outing Idea: Go on an outing that forms part of the theme.
Messy Play: Recipes included.
Bake & Make: Recipes included.
Words: Words in real school writing font that fit into each week's theme.
Flashcards: Full colour flashcards that fit into each week's theme.

Weekly themes:

1    My Body
2    Farm Animals
3    My Family
4    Fruit
5    My Clothes
6    Pets
7    Vegetables
8    My Face
9    Kitchen
10    Eats & Drinks
11    Home & Garden
12    Rooms in the house
13    Wild Animals
14    Transport
15    Sea Animals
16    The Weather
17    Seasons
18    Emotions
19    Senses
20    Colours
21    Teeth
22    Careers
23    Insects
24    Reptiles
25    Construction
26    Alphabet
27    Recycling
28    Healthy and Unhealthy Food
29    Earth & Space
30    Shapes
31    Get dressed
32    Sounds